5 Reasons to Spruce Up Your Driveway with Belgian Block Curbing

driveway-view_480Driveways don’t get as much attention as they should, even though they take up a great expanse of the visual space in your home. By sprucing up the driveway, you can significantly increase the curb appeal of the home for many years to come. While a visual upgrade is an excellent reason to install curbing, there are plenty of other reasons to consider this innovative edging. Read on to find out the top five reasons that someone might decide to use Belgian block curbing on their driveway.

Top 5 Reasons Belgian Block Curbing Rocks

Maybe you’re sick of the flimsy plastic edging that keeps popping out of place or maybe you have no curbing at all and want something more to delineate your path. Whatever the reason, Belgian blocks are a good choice for a variety of reasons. Here are the top 5.

1. Durability and Hardiness

Unlike plastic edging, Belgian block curbing is made from quality, quarried, stone. When tires hit it, it’s not likely to be displaced like edging. It won’t crack or break either. It stands up to harsh winter weather, unlike asphalt or metal edging. It is a material that is long-lasting and hardy. It will definitely stand up to snow plows much better than other types of edgings. It’s not affected by road salts like metals either.

2. It’s very visually appealing.

The look of the Belgian block curbing is more polished and professional than a simple plastic edging. It looks stunning with paved concrete driveways as well as gravel ones. It is a neutral gray that contrasts well with both concrete and white or colored gravel. It’s particularly striking against black asphalt driveways. People use it to create an “Old World” charm in their garden areas as they set them off from the driveway. It has lots of design potential and blocks can be laid out in vertical or horizontal layouts. They can even edge curved driveways and use concrete to cement them in.

3. It is a solid boundary for your driveway.

driveway-remodeling_480Having flimsy edging or no edging at all is an invitation for allowing people to drive over your flower beds. By using Belgian curbing, you not only visually separate your driveway from your flower beds, but you also give a decent curb that drivers can feel when they butt up against them. Since the edging can be raised, it will be a whole lot harder to run over it accidentally. It can keep your grass from invading your gravel driveway, too.

4. It can be functional.

Since they are raised a bit off the ground, the curbing can also help to create a flower bed along the rim of the driveway. If you use two rows of Belgian blocks, you can also create a gutter on either side of the driveway that helps to drain your driveway area and keep it dry. This is a functional design that you can’t get with other types of edging. It provides a barrier to keep your flower beds separate, but it also can be made into a drainage system. It can also serve to support bermed areas near your driveway that need some erosion control.

5. It’s quick to install.

With a professional team involved, you can get your driveway lined quickly and in the right manner so that the stones are not slipping or sliding. It can be done in as little as an afternoon, depending on the length of the driveway and the design you have in mind. If you decide to put in cement joints, you will need someone with masonry experience to make sure the finished product looks professional.

Get a look at the long-lasting beauty of belgian blocks!

driveway-curb-blocking_480-1If you haven’t seen all the possibilities, check out designs done by specialists in their portfolios of finished products. It will open your eyes to the possibilities with this unique material. It can be combined with other types of blocks and paving to make your home uniquely your own. It can be stacked or “staircased” for taller curbs. It works well with straight as well as curved driveways. It can be laid out in a variety of patterns, from cross-hatched to vertical and horizontal layouts. You can opt to do the entire driveway in Belgian blocks, not just the curbing alone. It’s so durable it stands up to that type of tire wear day in and day out, providing traction in all types of weather.

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