A Few Reasons Why Getting a Sidewalk in Your Community will Lead to a Better Summer

As summer approaches, one of the things that many people look forward to is spending more time outside. Unfortunately, communities that don’t have sufficient sidewalks may end up missing out on some of the most traditional summer pastimes.

Instead of meeting the neighbors and making plans to organize a block party over a brisk evening walk, a homeowner in a community without a sidewalk might simply head from their car to their home’s front door.

Here are just a few of the ways that sidewalk construction in your community could lead to a much better summer for everyone.

1. Sidewalks increase fitness levels in the community.

If you’re like plenty of Americans, you are eager for summer to arrive. In an effort to look and feel confident while swimming at the beach or relaxing by the pool, regular exercise is key.

Without sidewalks, however, your fitness opportunities might be limited. In fact, many people who want to focus on fitness end up getting in their cars to drive to the gym or to a better neighborhood where they can utilize the treadmill or paved sidewalks. Not only is it a shame that people can’t do this in their own neighborhoods, it is a problem for the environment!

increase-fitness-levels-in-your-communityA community that has sidewalks is a community where fitness is readily accessible. In the summer, there is no shortage of ways that a sidewalk can be used for fun as well as exercise.

Many people love starting out the day with a nice stroll, and walking groups could take advantage of new sidewalks.

There is also the option to try jogging, and perhaps even training for a summer 5k race in the area. Kids and adults alike will have the opportunity to ride their bikes, try out roller blading or just get around without needing to use a car.

2. Walking dogs is easier thanks to sidewalks.

A dog is a man’s best friend, and there is no question that dogs behave better and live happier, healthier lives when they have plenty of opportunities to exercise and enjoy the fresh air. In that way, dogs are just like us!

Unfortunately, many people who have pets are afraid to head outside if there aren’t sidewalks in place. Even if you have a well-behaved dog who is comfortable staying on a leash, it can be dangerous to try to walk along a major road with them.

Installing a sidewalk in your community can be an excellent addition for a number of reasons, but one of the most important might just be your pet’s health. Residents in neighborhoods with sidewalks will find it much easier and more convenient to walk their dogs, which translates to more time outdoors for pups everywhere.

3. Children can travel the neighborhood on their own.

In many neighborhoods that haven’t yet benefited from sidewalk construction, children have few options for outdoor play. Even if there is a great park just a block away, for instance, children may not get the opportunity to spend time there if there isn’t a clear, safe path for them to take.

As children get older, they can attempt to do more on their own, but safety should still be a priority. With sidewalks in place, parents can feel secure letting their children and teens ride bikes to other homes along the street.

safe-for-children-and-dog-walkingWhen children have friends and can feel welcomed and accepted in their community, they are more likely to be happy, successful individuals. In fact, some studies show that children who say they have close friends are likely to do better in school.

Foster friendships in the community between children and teenagers by installing sidewalks. This allows children to meet up with one another without needing parents driving them everywhere, something that both busy adults and children who want to become more independent will appreciate.

4. Pedestrian Safety Becomes a Priority

Whether or not there are sidewalks, some residents in every community will still want to get outdoors and walk. Pedestrians might need to get to the nearest bus stop, or they might be walking their dogs or getting some exercise. Sadly, many car-related deaths can happen each year because pedestrians are walking along the edge of a road without a sidewalk.

By adding in a sidewalk to your community, you are proclaiming that pedestrian safety is a priority. In addition to potentially saving the life of a person who routinely walks in the neighborhood, putting in sidewalks will almost certainly encourage more people to walk outside this summer who were previously concerned about the safety risks.

5. Encourages a Community Spirit

All too many residents love their neighborhoods but don’t know their neighbors. It is growing increasingly common for people to drive to work and then drive back home, only getting out of the car long enough to walk to the front door and enter their home.

Making friends in the area, and truly fostering a community spirit, is a much easier task when there are sidewalks in place.

When a community is fortunate enough to have sidewalks installed, neighbors are more likely than ever before to stroll outside and meet one another. That meeting could spark play dates for children, backyard barbecues in the summer or fun block parties on a cool July evening.

Simply put, a sidewalk is the facilitator that makes it easier and more likely to really get to know your neighbors and make the most of the coming summer.

Installing a sidewalk in Ramsey, NJ is one of the best possible ways to improve your summer. From fitness to friendship, a sidewalk really can make a difference. For all sidewalk needs contact McFarlane’s Asphalt at (201) 327-5258.