Snow Removal, Heated Driveways and Your Health

Winter is coming to New Jersey and with it comes all that snow. Digging out your car and driveway is tedious, tiring and a miserable chore, and the American Heart Association warns us that shoveling snow may increase the chance for a heart attack. Snow removal is life-threatening, and there isn’t always some one around to do it for us.

There are weeks when the snow is relentless and we need to shovel every day. Why put stress on your heart and back when there is an easy low cost alternative to suffering from one of the curses of winter?

The solution is to put in a heated driveway. Let’s look at the reasons to heat your driveway.

Ramsey Heated Driveway Installation ServicesSave on Shoveling Costs

A single snow removal for an average sized driveway costs from $100 to $200 depending who is doing the job. When the heavy snows come day after day that adds up fast.

The cost of heating your driving however, is a one time expense and gives you years of worry free winter months. Heating your driving runs about $12 to $25 a square foot, depending on the system. When you compare that one-time cost to the number of nor’easters we have dropping tons of snow on us each year, it is easy to see which is the most cost effective choice.

Reduce Your Health Risks

In the winter months, hospitals gear up to expect heart attack victims, and snow removal is the number one cause. Shoveling snow and even using a snow blower puts stress on the heart.

The average weight of a snow full of snow is 25 pounds, and those aching muscles you feel after moving eight inches of snow off your driveway could be heart attack symptoms.

Experience Increased Efficiency

Heated driveways are energy efficient, and they operate only when needed. The cost of melting the snow and ice on your driveway runs about sixty cents an hour on average, and it doesn’t take long to melt it away.

For the cost of about $150 for an entire season’s snow and ice melt. It makes sense, and the system pays for itself in no time and it adds value to your property.

When you look at the risk and expense of manual removal, the smart homeowner will see the value of a heated driveway. For peace of mind and safety call your contractor for an estimate before the hard winter months set in.

Make your Ramsey, NJ a safer, more comfortable place to live with a heated driveway. Call McFarlane Asphalt at (201) 327-5258 to get started!