The 3 Most Popular Uses for Asphalt

Asphalt concrete material is made up of 5% asphalt or bitumen cement and 95% stone, gravel, and sand. Asphalt’s primary use is for paving roads. There are other applications, but flexibility of the material makes it a commonly used material. The material is located in various places involved with transportation, agriculture, recreational areas, industrial, and construction. The following sections talk about the 3 most popular uses for asphalt in Ramsey and abroad.

Ramsey, NJ AsphaltWaterproofing and Aquatic

Asphalt has been used for thousands of years. Egyptians used asphalt to create their baths, and the Phoenicians used it on their boats. It is not uncommon for asphalt to be used for areas such as flood control, conservation projects, erosion deterrent, and water storage. Waterproofing basements and building foundations are one of the most common applications of asphalt. In many cases where there is significant weight and loads involved, asphalt may be used as a liner for areas such fish hatcheries, industrial ponds, sea walls, drainage canals, and beach dikes.


Asphalt is a good alternative for elements of railway development. Bitumen and asphalt work weal in providing positive contribution to the structure of railway tracks. Places where there are both, heavy loaded tracks and high speed trains, it may be used alongside cement to provide the base and foundation. Using asphalt reduces maintenance, and it helps reduce noise and vibration.

Recreational Areas

You see them in almost every town or city. The most common area in recreation which asphalt is applied are walking paths, golf and bicycle paths, basketball courts, tennis courts, playgrounds, running tracks, and greenway trails. For some sports and recreational areas, contractors may use crumb rubber with the asphalt. Some recreational zones are specialized areas of asphalt application.

Asphalt is a material that is known to be resilient. Asphalt is used for a multitude of reasons, and the US Department of Agriculture has affirmed that the asphalt flooring for storage pads in agriculture assets is allowed. The materials versatility allows it to be used as waterproofing element in almost any scenario. For instance, it may be applied isolated areas on a roof of a Ramsey building.

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