Asphalt Milling: 3 Uses for Asphalt on Your Property

Ramsey, NJ Asphalt PavingWhat is Asphalt Milling?

Asphalt milling is a process where the surface of paved asphalt is removed. The process is done by specialized milling machines that grind away the surface to a desired depth. Milling is done for many reasons, mainly to improve the appearance and function of your Ramsey home.

It is used to smooth over a road surface that has developed bumps, depressions and holes that lead to an uneven ride for vehicles traversing over it. Asphalt milling is also used to adjust the height of a road for water drainage purposes, clearance purposes and to allow for the addition of manholes or other underground structures.

The primary reason for asphalt milling is to recycle the old asphalt. During milling, the old asphalt is ground up as it is removed by the milling machines. The old, ground up asphalt can be mixed with new aggregate and cement to create new asphalt at a reduced cost. without the need of additional materials.

Why Have Asphalt Milling Done on Your Property?

Asphalt milling is one of the most effective ways to smooth out an uneven driveway or parking lot. It can be done quickly, and the old asphalt can be recycled to create new asphalt, thereby reducing the expenses of the resurfacing project. The new asphalt, will then be poured over the milled asphalt to create a new, even surface free of ruts, potholes and depressions. Pedestrian walkways and ground level asphalt patios can also be milled over to smooth them out. When these structures become uneven, begin to unravel or become damage, milling them is often the most effective way of returning them to functional use.

Where is Asphalt Used on Your Property?

Asphalt is the ideal material to use for driveways, patios and pedestrian roads. It is durable and long lasting and can withstand constant traffic by cars over it. It is impervious, meaning water will run right off it. It will not get wet like the ground or grass, making it a perfect choice for pedestrian walkways and pathways to a home. Asphalt pathways provide a stable, dry and even surface for people to walk on. Snow and ice can also be easily removed from it.

Asphalt is also great choice for a patio on the ground level because it can withstand the elements very well. It will also not get soggy, meaning you can get to your patio even after rainy weather in Ramsey. Asphalt is low maintenance, and requires little upkeep besides occasional sealing and resurfacing.

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