Concrete Curbing: The Benefits of Concrete Curbing

Decorative landscape curbing will not only add more value to your Ramsey property but also help turn an otherwise drab area into one that is an elegant and unique masterpiece. In addition, it allows you to put your personal stamp on this new addition to your property.

Ramsey Concrete CurbingBenefits of concrete curbing

• Keeps weeds and grass under control

• Longer lasting than metal, wood or plastic edging

1. Does not rust, decompose or break up

• Available in colors that will match the landscape

• Adds greatly to curb appeal

• Considered a capital improvement making it ‘tax free’

There is a wide variety of concrete curbing available. These include an 18-inch vertical, 6-inch permacurb, curb and gutter combination and an S curb. The latter model is especially interesting as it is an 18-inch vertical curb with 12 inches underground. It is poured together with the sidewalk, which makes it a solid unit.

Installation of curbing

The company installing curbing will prepare a concrete mixture that is reinforced by industry-approved additives such as fiber mesh, Portland cement and other aggregates. At this time, the mixture is colored with a powdered dye. A cable, made of stainless steel, is placed in the center of the curb to reinforcement control joints. Release cuts are scored all the way to that cable to prevent the growth of weeds and grass.

When the work is being done in a garden or other areas, the company will clear away any old edging such as wood, brick, stone or plastic and haul it away. A wide strip is cut around the area where the curb is to be installed and a sand base established. Any needed forms will then be installed and the concrete poured.

Concrete vs. Asphalt

Most companies who do curbs can install either concrete or asphalt. Both types have curb machines with exchangeable molds that can produce different types of curbing designs.

Asphalt curbing is especially important in parking lots and is easily installed at the time the asphalt surface is applied. Asphalt is effective in identifying the edge of the parking area and protecting the parking lot’s landscape islands. They also prevent heavy rainwater runoff into the nearby street to prevent flooding and damage in your Ramsey  business.

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