Bergen County: Belgian Block Curbing Construction

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Belgian Block Curbing Construction Services in Ramsey, NJ

In the world of landscape design, there are several different ways to try and make a property more stylish and attractive. If you can find a method or technique that looks great and is functional and durable, you’ve found a winner. One concept that many homeowners and property managers gravitate to is called Belgian block curbing.

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What Is Belgian Block Curbing?

Belgian block curbing refers to a style of curb using naturally occurring Belgian blocks instead of standard concrete or asphalt. Belgian blocks are attractive and they are able to stand up to harsher weather conditions such as high humidity and frigid cold. The blocks are typically available in different tones and are not difficult to assemble for an experienced crew.

Common Uses

Belgian blocks are used for creating attractive curbs on residential, public and commercial properties, but curbing is not the only use for these versatile blocks. Belgian blocks are also useful for retaining walls, flower beds, garden planters and other projects that interlocking stone or bricks would make a good choice. Belgian blocks can be found in some of the more stylish cities and places around the world, including Moscow’s Red Square, New York’s SoHo neighborhood and Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. When you call for an estimate, ask if Belgian blocks would be suitable for other applications around your property and you may be surprised with the possibilities.

Benefits of Belgian Block Curbing

Although Belgian block curbing is sturdy and durable, it is still seen as a “finishing touch” kind of service when applied to a property. The main benefit of Belgian block curbing is the aesthetic appeal and class it adds to a driveway, roadway, commercial property, backyard or neighborhood.

In most areas, Belgian block curbing is something that is completely unique, and it’s not uncommon for people to stop and ask what it is and where you got it. Whether you want to tell them or not is up to you, but it’s important to have your Belgian blocks installed by a reputable professional contractor to ensure they look great and will last for years to come.

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