Asphalt is Everywhere!

The 3 Most Popular Uses for Asphalt Asphalt concrete material is made up of 5% asphalt or bitumen cement and 95% stone, gravel, and sand. Asphalt’s primary use is for paving roads. There are other applications, but flexibility of the material makes it a commonly used material. The material is located in various places involved […]

Unique Asphalt Designs to Consider

Unique Asphalt Designs: What Could You do With Asphalt in Your Yard? (ex. parking lot, basketball court, outdoor patio) One: Basketball Court Our Ramsey customers who enjoy playing basketball can have their own court at home with a durable asphalt surface designed by a knowledgeable technician. If a customer has a huge yard, then a […]

Beautify Your Lawn With Concrete Curbing

Concrete Curbing: The Benefits of Concrete Curbing Decorative landscape curbing will not only add more value to your Ramsey property but also help turn an otherwise drab area into one that is an elegant and unique masterpiece. In addition, it allows you to put your personal stamp on this new addition to your property. Benefits […]

3 Reasons to Avoid Inexperienced Paving Contractors (and Potential Lawsuits)

3 Real Dangers of Asphalt Paving Installation There are many DIY projects on the Internet that sound fairly simple to perform. One of these is performing your own asphalt paving installation. However, there are certain safety concerns that may not be mentioned in tackling this job in your Ramsey home. Hot Mix Asphalt According to […]

A Great Way to Upgrade Your Curb Appeal

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Business’s Parking Lot Your parking lot plays a critical role in your Ramsey business. This is where your customers park so they can get inside your business. Depending on the type of business you have, the parking lot may also be the place where deliveries such as food supplies, or […]

Why Choose Asphalt Overlay Services

Asphalt Overlay: Why Choose Asphalt Overlay Services for Your Driveway or Walkway? The area may be overdue for a makeover, but the limited funds available make a complete paving job impossible at this time. Ramsey property owners are turning to overlays to restore the appearance of their driveway or parking lot. The overlay option may […]

Asphalt: Paving The Way to Success

Asphalt Milling: 3 Uses for Asphalt on Your Property What is Asphalt Milling? Asphalt milling is a process where the surface of paved asphalt is removed. The process is done by specialized milling machines that grind away the surface to a desired depth. Milling is done for many reasons, mainly to improve the appearance and […]

Watch Out for Seasonal Asphalt Damage

Asphalt Repair: What Seasonal Damages Might Your Driveway Endure this Winter? How Can You Prevent Damage to Your Driveway How Winter Weather Damages an Asphalt Driveway Our customers enjoy having an attractive asphalt driveway, but winter weather can damage the surfaces unless Ramsey homeowners take action on a yearly basis. When there are mild winters […]

Concrete vs Asphalt: Making the Right Choice

What Are the Pros and Cons of Each Material for Your Driveway? Asphalt and concrete are by far the two most popular materials for driveways in Ramsey. They both start out as mixtures of sand and stone. It’s the adhesive or binding agent that distinguishes them. Asphalt uses the tar residue that remains when crude […]

Your Winter Concrete Care Guide

Concrete Care Guide: How to Maintain Your Concrete Driveway or Sidewalk Properly maintaining your concrete driveway and sidewalk is very important. Left unattended your concrete surfaces will begin to crack and will eventually fall apart. To ensure your Ramsey driveway and walkway look their best and last for years you should have licensed, bonded, insured, […]