Ramsey Commercial Asphalt & Parking Lot Construction

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Commercial Asphalt & Parking Lot Construction Services in Ramsey, NJ

The state of your commercial parking lot says a lot about your company or organization, and its commitment to create a positive experience for everyone that uses the lot. A broken down and faded parking lot with no visible lines or symbols creates a perception that you don’t care, which can cause serious problems depending on the nature of your business.

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Professional Service from Start to Finish

When you and your team make the decision that a new parking lot is required, make sure to hire a reputable company to provide the service for you. Choose a local paving contractor that knows the area and has experience with the residents and businesses. When you choose a local provider, you’ll have the ability to see other projects they’ve completed to get a feel for how the work holds up over time. There are many aspects to consider when constructing a parking lot, so make sure your chosen contractor can handle every element from start to finish.

Layers of a Standard Parking Lot

Most parking lots consist of three separate layers. These include the sub-grade, crushed stone and the asphalt. The sub-grade layer of the parking lot is the actual soil that’s underneath the finished lot. There are different types of soil that may be down there, and it is important to achieve the right density before proceeding to the next step.

The crushed stone is brought to the site on trucks, then is spread with a grader and compacted with rollers. The stone also has to reach the right density, so it is watered and re-compacted until that happens. Sometimes, this step takes a few days, as the moisture has to leave the rocks. Lastly, the asphalt is applied hot, ideally during a warm day. The lot must be leveled correctly to achieve the right amount of drainage, and in many cases, lines have to be painted on for parking spots.

Factors Affecting Parking Lot Design & Construction

The design and construction of your parking lot is dependent on a handful of different factors. The crushed stone and asphalt layers may vary in thickness and density depending on factors such as the amount of traffic that’s anticipated, the strength of the underlying ground and how long the owner expects to use the parking lot.

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