Ramsey Common Asphalt Paving Problems

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Anyone that lives in a modern town or city has been in contact with asphalt, probably too many times to count. You may have asphalt on your driveway, and you’ve definitely driven and walked on it in shopping malls, office buildings, apartment complexes or schools.

Asphalt is versatile and flexible and looks aesthetically pleasing when properly installed and maintained. That’s not to say parking lot and driveway asphalt will last forever once it is in place. There are common asphalt paving problems that will always require some professional help.

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Common Parking Lot Paving Issues

Parking lots have the potential to damage vehicles and injure people if the condition of the asphalt is allowed to deteriorate. Potholes are one of the main issues for cars, as a deep pothole can swallow up your tires in an instant. Over time, as the elements and the weight of vehicles take their toll, cracks will form in parking lots that will only get worse without professional repair or maintenance. Parking lot asphalt can also soften from oil and gasoline spilling on it, and it can crumble and break apart if you leave any damage for too long. It’s important for pavers to ensure the asphalt is mixed in the right ratio and applied properly to ensure proper drainage all year long.

Common Driveway Paving Issues

Driveway asphalt has many of the same issues as parking lots when it comes to damage and the need for repair. A driveway doesn’t take the same kind of pounding as a parking lot, but it is exposed to the elements, and may have more issue with vegetation. If your lawn borders the driveway, the grass and weeds can encroach on the asphalt’s territory. If your driveway develops cracks, the weeds and grass may grow into the cracks and splits, causing even more damage. When this vegetation has a chance to grow roots deep within the driveway asphalt, it will slowly spread out and infiltrate the entire surface unless you take action.

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