Reasons to Landscape Your Home with Concrete Curbing

Concrete curbing can provide a broad range of home landscaping solutions that can improve the look of almost any outdoor environment. Curbing made from concrete provides superior durability compared to other materials like natural stone.

Mixing and pouring concrete on-site can provide home and property owners with a wider range of landscaping options as well as the means to improve both the curb appeal and market value of an existing home.

From partitioning flower gardens and outdoor shrugs to providing an attractive border for terraced landscaping projects, curbing installation provides a versatile and attractive highlight.

Ramsey, NJ concrete-curbing-1Superior Durability

Stone, brick and other materials that may not be able to offer the same level of durability as concrete can create many problems down the road.

Less durable curbing installations may require more frequent maintenance or be unable to ensure soil retention does not become a problem.

Mixing and pouring concrete with different color pigmentation, fiber meshes, and other additives can further enhance durability and ensure that landscape additions provide a more visually pleasing compliment for their surroundings.

Professionally installed landscaping additions that utilize the most durable materials can last for decades with only minimal maintenance.

Using concrete to create curbing offers an array of potential benefits that may include:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Greater flexibility when creating borders and curbs
  • A wider range of colors, hues and textures

Concrete installations mean that homeowners no longer have to choose between a more affordable landscaping installation or building materials that may make a more attractive and eye-catching highlight.

Concrete Offers Greater Variety

Unlike natural stone or brick, concrete can be mixed and then poured while in a liquid state. Poured concrete offer greater flexibility when it comes to curbing layout and landscaping designs. Utilizing more rigid material can lead to increased costs or find property owners faced with a more limited selection of design options.

Concrete that was mixed with different additives and pigments can take on any number of colors and different finishing techniques can provide an almost endless variety of textures and patterns to ensure a more attractive result.

Pour and set materials can ensure that landscaping projects are able to be completed with a minimal amount of cost and delay.

The added time, effort and manpower needed to create curbs and borders out of natural stone, or brick often results in higher overall costs.

Concrete is the material of choice for those seeking to ensure quality results without breaking the bank. With a wide variety of finished looks and styles and the greater flexibility that concrete has to offer makes it the perfect material choice for curbs, borders and other hardscape landscaping additions and projects.

Curbing Installation Can Decrease Soil Erosion

Soil erosion caused by storm-water runoff can cause extensive harm to even the most carefully constructed landscapes and outdoor environments. Concrete curbing provides a solid border that can ensure soil retention is less likely to become a problem.

Curbing installations are ideal for creating borders, boundaries and ensuring that landscapes are less likely to suffer damage from wind and rain.

Softscaped borders and porous curbing is rarely the best option for property owners who are seeking to minimize long-term maintenance and ensure that flower beds, gardens, and outdoor landscaping can better withstand the weather and elements.

Ramsey, NJ concrete-curbing-2Landscaping Additions Enhance Property Value

Home landscaping projects are one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to enhance curb appeal or add value to a home. Even lawns that are well-manicured and appropriately cared for may fail to create outdoor environments that have the most attractive look and feel needed to boost market value.

Curbing and borders are ideal property-enhancing landscaping additions like:

  • Terraced levels
  • Hardscaped boundaries
  • Borders for specific outdoor areas

Failing to make improvements to outdoor environments often finds many property owners forced to sell their home at a loss, especially those who faced with a soft real-estate market. Even the most modest installations and landscaping projects may be able to add thousands of dollars to a home’s market value.

Professional Installation Services and Solutions

Arranging for a professional to handle the installation of concrete curbing and other home landscaping additions is always a smart move. In addition to ensuring projects can be completed more quickly and conveniently, landscaping professionals have the resources and experience needed to ensure more satisfactory results.

Homeowners who choose to handle a landscaping project on their own and those that elect to do business with a lesser service provider may find themselves less than pleased with their results. When it comes to creating the home and lawn you have always dreamed of, it pays to do business with the best.

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