Ramsey Concrete Walkway & Sidewalk Construction

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Concrete Walkway & Sidewalk Construction Services in Ramsey, NJ

Concrete is a strong and durable material, and a common sight on walkways and sidewalks across North America. So many of us are familiar with the feel of concrete under our feet that it can feel strange if a sidewalk is made from something else. Concrete is made from a mixture of cement powder, aggregate and water, and it makes the ideal substance for a sidewalk or walkway because of its durability and strength, but it has to be applied correctly.

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Common Causes of Sidewalk Failure

It’s not very unusual for a concrete sidewalk to fail long before its time, but the reasons can be avoided if you choose the right contractor. Even though a sidewalk should last for up to 40 years, some develop issues like cracking or raising individual slabs after only a few years. This is almost always due to poor attention to detail during the design phase and construction phase.

For the sidewalk to function properly there must be a subgrade layer of native soil, a sub-base layer of granular material and then the prepared concrete. Each one of these layers must be prepared correctly, or the integrity of the sidewalk will suffer. Proper preparation includes the width of each successive layer, and the weather conditions when the concrete is placed on top of the sub-base.

Benefits of Repairs and Maintenance

It is important to repair sidewalks as soon as possible after they develop a crack or other kind of damage. A simple 10 mm crack in a concrete sidewalk can cause the wheel of a baby stroller to become stuck, and a fault in the sidewalk that’s just 20 mm high can cause pedestrians to trip and may cause serious injury. Sidewalk repair and maintenance is crucial to keep the public safe and avoid any potential legal action. If the damage is too great, a complete replacement of the concrete slab may be necessary. Just let the contractor know when any damaged has been identified and he can get to work.

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