Ramsey Concrete Walkway & Sidewalk Services

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Concrete Walkway & Sidewalk Services in Ramsey, NJ

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The Versatility of Concrete

Many people believe that concrete and cement is the same product, but this isn’t the case. Cement is an ingredient in the concrete mixture, usually appearing in powdered form and acting as a binder. The other components that make up concrete are water and aggregate, which consists of rock, gravel or sand. When these three are mixed together, they form concrete, which is poured to harden and create the sidewalk, walkway or other structure.

Concrete is strong and durable and it can stand the test of time, lasting between 20 and 40 years when applied as a sidewalk by a reputable contractor. Although it is a static element with no bend or give, it is versatile in its application. The common sidewalk is where most people recognize concrete, but it is also found in parking lot curbs, decorative landscape curbs, in stairwells, areas around pools and other structures and in buildings and skyscrapers.

A Concrete Walkway Adds Value to Your Home

When used as a walkway on your residential property, concrete has the potential to increase the curb appeal and therefore the value of the home. This is the ideal spot to use decorative concrete with different tones and shapes to give your property a touch of class and something unique that other homes in your area don’t have. When it looks great on the outside, it will draw people to the inside, which is exactly where you want them if you’re trying to sell your home.

Benefits of an Experienced Contractor

Regardless of what type of concrete you use or what the application happens to be, it is important to hire an experienced contractor to do the job right. There are many different variables connected to mixing and placing concrete, so make sure the service provider you choose has the experience and the track record to make it worth your while. If you choose a local contractor, you should be able to see live samples of his concrete work, which will help guide you toward a good decision.

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