Flooded Parking Lot? We Install Pavement Drainage Systems!

When an area with lots of asphalt or concrete does not have proper drainage, the surface can get cracked, and effectively make the pavement worthless.

After a parking lot gets damaged very badly (which does not take much, when improperly cared for), a new parking lot will have to be poured. or small patches of concrete can be poured, if the cracks are minor and not too damaging.

Ramsey Drainage System Where Can You Get Pavement Drainage Systems for Your Parking Lot?

Most paving companies are able to install pavement drainage systems without any problems, but some small companies might not be able to.

Make sure to call the paving companies you are considering before placing an order, because some might be too expensive than others or not be able to provide proper pavement drainage systems that run in concordance with the state and federal laws regarding pavement drainage systems.

What Kinds of Structures use Pavement Drainage Systems?

Parking lots are not the only structure that pavement drainage systems can be integrated in, but there aren’t too many other uses, to be fair. The pavement must be flat, such as a road.

The United States Highway Department uses lots of pavement drainage systems throughout the United States, along with many other governing agencies around the entire world. Pavement drainage systems are not exactly a brand new concept, to be fair, so many places have them.

Can You Afford a Pavement Drainage System?

Fortunately for both you and the pavement companies, pavement drainage systems do not cost that much money or extra time as compared to a regular parking lot paving job. Pavement drainage systems vary in cost, depending on the quality needed, the amount of water that might have to be displaced, and size and complexity.

What All Goes Into a Pavement Drainage System?

The phrase “pavement drainage system sounds pretty complex, as if the pavement drainage system has moving parts that need to be maintenance: a pavement drainage system is nothing more than a way to construct a road, parking lot, or other pavement structure.

It requires a few layers of gravel, rock, and asphalt to complete, but the result is a fully functioning pavement drainage system that will save your parking lot lots of damage over the years, which means you will not have to spend as much money as if you did not invest in a pavement drainage system.

If you’re considering a pavement drainage system for your Ramsey parking lot, give McFarlane Asphalt a call at (201) 327-5258!