Ramsey Driveway Paving & Repaving Services

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Paving & Repaving Services in Ramsey, NJ

Although your driveway may seem like just a convenient place to park your vehicle every day, it is a lot more. When there are no cars in the driveway, it can add to the aesthetic appeal of the property, or it can take away, depending on its condition. Like any paved surface, your driveway will fade, crack, and break down over time, and eventually repaving will be necessary to bring it back to its original state.

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Correct Preparation Is Key

Whether you are having a new driveway paved or the existing one repaved, preparation is the key that will determine whether the project is successful or not. With new driveways, it is important for the contractor to arrange for the utility lines to be marked, so they don’t end up rupturing a sewer line, cable line or gas line during the construction.

Next, there is an excavation process to go through to ensure the material underneath the asphalt is stable and won’t cause the driveway to fail prematurely. Evaluating and preparing the base that the new pavement will go over is a crucial step that can’t be rushed. In the end, the driveway must be level and there must be adequate drainage so water can’t pool on the surface or run toward your house. Asphalt doesn’t completely harden, so the base underneath is of significant importance.

Repaving Gives Instant Curb Appeal

A quality repaving job on your driveway will create instant curb appeal that will make the entire property look better. If you are considering selling your home, or if you just want it to stand out amongst your neighbors, repaving the driveway is a budget-friendly option. As long as the existing driveway doesn’t have extensive damage, the process is fairly straightforward for an experienced contractor. Repaving creates clean-looking lines and adds a crispness to the property that really makes it stand out. You may also want to add concrete curbing or Belgian block curbing to your property at the same time for more dramatic results.

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