Trends In Front-Yard Design: Landscaping, Driveways, And Curbs

Sometimes a home just needs a little touching up so that passers by can appreciate its true beauty. Our driveway paving company is an expert in landscaping and giving curb appeal to homes, and with a little creativity we can bring ideas for sprucing up your home to life.

Rasmey, NJ AsphaltSometimes we can work with what you already have on the edges of your lawn and change it into something more exquisite and desirable for people to see, and other times we might suggest adding in a feature such as planting more shrubbery or changing your pavement.

Here’s some ideas you may want to think about.


The overall design of your Ramsey yard can be made beautiful with great landscaping themes, and can bring out an identity that people remember your home as. Features such as gardens, flower beds, ponds and lighting can help make your home look like a castle. Our landscaping team can help design the following:

  • Shrubbery that lines the driveway or the walkway giving the home a royal look
  • Outdoor tables and chairs in a garden around a flower bed or a fire pit, and a sun umbrella to go with them.
  • Water structures such as ponds, waterfalls, fountains and birdbaths to add vibrance to the yard


Your driveway can have beauty of its own with the right kind of design and pavement. Maybe you’ve wanted to have something else besides the plain old blacktop or concrete slab going out to the road and you need our driveway paving specialists to renovate the old drive.

There are some designs that can match your Ramsey home and landscape such as brick or cobblestone driveways to bring some old fashioned looks to your home. You also might think about a gravel driveway but with a border on it to give it a little bit of fanciness.


From the curbs of both the road and your driveway your walkways add that last welcoming feature that guests can appreciate. If you have a long walkway leading to the house, you might want to add some lighting to it, such as LED lighting or lanterns to light the path at night. Flower beds and driveway borders made from brick or stone make excellent curb touches for people to see.

With the help of McFarlane Asphalt, you can take better care of your Ramsey home. Just call (201) 327-5258 today!