Signs That You May Need Asphalt Repair

Ramsey Asphalt RepairAs a home or business owner, it is integral to care for your property, which should encompass the up keep of your asphalt. Whether you have a driveway, a parking lot or just pavement constant maintenance and repair will eventually be requires.

Keeping a close watch on asphalt is critical because repairs can be very costly if minor repairs aren’t fixed. The following are signs of when repairs should be made to your asphalt.

1. Cracks in the Surface

When you begin to notice cracks throughout your asphalt it is time for you to make some minor repairs. Over time asphalt is going to have cracks that appear. If the cracks are less than a quarter inch in width, this is an indication that the damage is not very deep. In this case, only minor repairs will be needed.

2. Larger Cracks in Width and Depth

When you notice cracks that are more than a quarter inch in width or when the crack is over a few inches in depth, this is commonly a sign of a major issue. If these types of cracks are just filled in, the fix will only last a short period.

3. The Age of the Asphalt

Typically if your asphalt is close to 20 years old, you should think about doing a complete repair job. Patchwork in this instance will only make the deteriorating asphalt a lot worse. Doing patchwork to very old asphalt is not worth the time and effort because as soon as you repair one area others repairs will eventually have to be done.

When you begin to notice cracks in your asphalt if possible try not to delay any repairs that may be required. When you delay repairs, this will cause moisture and water to go through the substrate layer and loosen it.

When water goes under the substrate layer, it could freeze during colder months and then expands in the crack. Also, when frozen water begins to melt it could either cause a broadened space or leave an empty space. This causes the formation of potholes in your asphalt, and this should be fixed as soon as possible.

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