How to Care for Your Asphalt: 3 Maintenance Tips from the Experts

In order to keep your Ramsey asphalt driveway in good condition, you have to keep current with its maintenance. When a driveway isn’t maintained, you’ll end up with cracks, pits and potholes that will alter the beautiful look of the driveway. Your driveway is more than a path from the street to your home, it influences the overall appearance of the home.

Ramsey, NJ Asphalt Keeping it Clean

Asphalt needs to be cleaned occasionally especially if oil, grease or gas land on the driveway from your vehicle. A car’s fluids can break down the asphalt, which will result in cracks and a crumbling driveway. If oil, gas or transmission fluid lands on the driveway, it should be removed immediately. There are products that can remove the oil and grease from asphalt without damaging the material.

Ensure you have the correct oil or grease remover before adding it to the driveway. Scrub the gas and oil off the asphalt immediately, otherwise, it can eat into the material and cause pits and potholes.

Repair Cracks

In areas where there are distinct differences in temperatures during the seasons, the asphalt can expand and contract. That expanding and contracting is what often leads to cracks. Heavy vehicles can also cause cracks and depressions in the material.

As soon as you see one, it should be filled. Water, ice and gravel can enter small cracks causing them to widen considerably. Depending on the size of the cracks, there’s a cold or hot pour liquid crack fill that can be used on the driveway. A professional can help you decide which is the best option for your driveway’s cracks.


With proper maintenance like keeping the driveway clean and filling cracks immediately, you’ll still need to seal the driveway every few years to keep it looking fantastic. As the elements and vehicles beat down on the driveway, the appearance will be altered. The surface of the driveway won’t be a deep black like it was when first installed. Sealcoating protects the asphalt and brings back that new driveway look.

If you need maintenance, crack filling or sealcoating of your driveway in Ramsey, NJ, call McFarlane Asphalt (201) 327-5258.