The Aesthetic Benefits of Retaining Wall Construction

A retaining wall requires an investment of time and money. When designing a retaining wall, think about your lifestyle and tastes. Browse through landscaping photos to spark a few designing ideas for your home.

Choose manufactured stones and blocks from your contractor to get the design you want. A landscaping contractor will give you a quote for labor and materials. Interview at least three different contractors before making a decision.

Ramsey Retaining Wall What is a Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall is used to hold back soil in different areas of the yard. They are also required for yards that slope to reduce the amount of moisture loss.

There are several types of retaining walls that are used for different reasons. Your contractor will determine the best type of materials suited for your landscape design. Some yards have different elevations that require a retaining wall to make the terrain level. The three most common types of retaining wall construction materials include blocks, rocks and concrete.

Retaining Wall and Landscaping Design Tips

If large stones are required to hold the soil back, then your contractor will use heavy machinery to accomplish this task. Wooden retaining walls are a great way to enclose a garden or flower bed. Specially treated wood keeps roots from growing through the wooden boards.

Choose a theme for your retaining wall like Mediterranean, tropical, modern or French. Include walkways and paths that coordinate with the design of your landscape.

Benefits of Retaining Walls

Concrete retaining walls offer several benefits that include preventing flooding, sinkholes or reducing erosion. They also prevent damage to the surrounding structures and provide support for soil. Retaining walls are also good for adding additional outdoor seating to the patio or other areas. It is best to hire a contractor to install a retaining wall to avoid wasting your time and money.

Building a retaining wall takes a lot of practice and skill to do the job right. Local building codes may require you to hire a contractor before constructing your retaining walls. Cinder blocks are the cheapest materials for building a retaining wall. Stone and brick materials will look more formal than cinder blocks.

The type of materials that are chosen by your contractor will depend on the load of soil it is required to hold back. Concrete, stone and brick work well for heavy loads and prevent erosion. Choose a contractor that has a reputation for providing high-quality craftsmanship.

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