Ramsey Parking Lot Repair Services

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Parking Lot Repair Services in Ramsey, NJ

When your asphalt parking lot inevitably starts to break down and show signs of aging, it’s important to get the necessary repairs done as soon as you can. Asphalt never really hardens completely after it has been applied, so there will come a time when repairs are required to fix it up and get it looking like it did originally.

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Signs Your Parking Lot Needs Repairs

When your parking lot is ready for repairs, you’ll see cracks, holes, depressions, gasoline stains, grass growing where it isn’t supposed to and possibly pooling water in different areas. The sun will eventually fade the parking lot, but that is more of an aesthetic fix-up than it is an actual repair. After the asphalt has been exposed to so many vehicles and the elements, the cracks will become brittle and parts of the asphalt may break off. Small holes will become larger potholes and then you’ll have the added concern of public and vehicle safety.

Usually, small cracks will retain water when it rains and that water may expand and contract as the temperature fluctuates, causing more cracks in the asphalt. As the cracks continue to form, the slope of the parking lot may be affected, causing water to pool or run off in the wrong direction, which can result in more damage. The key is to schedule parking lot repair as soon damage.

Common Repair Methods

Depending on the nature of the damage, how much use the parking lot gets, the location and the typical weather patterns, your paving contractor will choose from a handful of different repair methods to fix your parking lot. Some of the options are patching up smaller holes and cracks with a substance known as hot mix, resurfacing the lot by placing asphalt over the existing asphalt, or sealcoating the lot to create a waterproof barrier between the elements and the asphalt. Sealcoating is more of a “maintenance” technique than a repair, but when combined with a technique that deals with structural damage, it can have a positive result.

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