Ramsey Parking Lot Sealcoating

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Parking Lot Sealcoating Services in Ramsey, NJ

Sealcoating is a paving service that helps to create a barrier between the parking lot and the elements that are causing damage to the parking lot. It is used for maintenance purposes and should always be applied by a qualified professional contractor for optimum results.

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Why Does My Parking Lot Need Sealcoating?

Asphalt tends to harden and oxidize when it is exposed to sun and water on a regular basis. These actions cause the pavement to harden and become brittle. When that happens, light pressure can break pieces off and cause them to crumble. This is serious enough in your residential driveway, but when it happens in a parking lot where hundreds of cars may travel each day, the results are magnified. Asphalt is supposed to flex and bend in response to pressure, but if it has harden, it can only break when vehicles drive on it. Sealcoating will create a barrier that is waterproof and will help slow down the oxidation process and help the parking lot shed water.

Benefits of Sealcoating for Maintenance

When you use sealcoating as a parking lot maintenance technique, you will be able to extend the useful life of the asphalt, delaying more expensive treatments and repairs. Sealcoating won’t fix any structural problems with the asphalt, but it will allow you to keep using the parking lot and will prevent damage from happening. When you have high volume parking lots to run, safety is always the primary consideration, and the preventative aspects of sealcoating can help improve the safety aspect of your parking lot for all your visitors.

Will Any Contractor Do?

Even though it is more a topical application than a deep cleaning or repair, it is still important to use a reputable, experienced contractor to do your parking lot sealcoating. There are many different factors to consider when you apply a sealcoat to a parking lot, and only someone with practical experience has the skill and troubleshooting ability to make get it done right. An experienced professional can also let you know if more extensive services are required to keep the parking lot safe, level and draining properly.

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