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Ramsey CurbingAn Overview of Belgian Block Curbing

For centuries, Belgian Block Curbing has offered an attractive way to offset the edges of yards, paths, streets and driveways. Elevated stone blocks, usually embedded in concrete, form a level line of demarcation between the curb and adjacent areas.

They may possess gradually tapering edges to facilitate “drop curbs” that slope towards the level of intersecting roadways. Beautiful Belgian Block Curbs offer several advantages. These include: enhancing the appearance of yards and gardens; preventing “ragged” driveway edges; and assisting drivers.

Enhancing The Appearance of Yards And Gardens

Many gardeners enthusiastically embrace Belgian Block Curbing as a way to beautify property lines and offset garden beds and pathways. By marking the curb in strong, linear lines, this form of curbing offers external decor value.

A yard bordered by Belgian Block Curbing stands out more clearly to passing street traffic. Creative landscapers can employ the color of the stone to augment the design patterns within surrounding buildings in an effective manner. Additionally, if the same style of curbing continues throughout a given development, it may assist the subdivision in expressing a unifying cobblestone theme. Units within the development share the same curbside exteriors.

Preventing “Ragged” Driveway Edges

Cobblestone-style Belgian Block Curbing pleases many homeowners and businesses because it reduces driveway and parking lot maintenance obligations. This form of curbing can clearly delimit the asphalt or gravel-covered regions of a property from other sections.

Owners interested in maintaining beautiful landscaping do not need to worry about grass and vegetation gradually encroaching around the areas reserved for parking, because the concrete-embedded cobblestone Belgian Block Curbing physically restricts this form of “lawn creep”.

Assisting Drivers

Another important benefit furnished by this form of curbing involves sending clear cues about parking. An elevated, even line of Belgian Block Curbing will reduce instances of drivers parking vehicles carelessly, since the physical barrier of the elevated cobblestones alerts them to incorrect tire placement more readily than a sloping concrete curb.Ramsey Asphalt

These curbs deter most drivers from parking vehicles on lawns. Additionally, the raised blocks may help protect landscape lighting embedded at ground level from being crushed by tires.

For all these reasons, Belgian Block Curbing offers many advantages for contemporary landscape design. These attractive additions to the exteriors of homes and businesses can contribute to the beauty and long term value of a development by enhancing the quality of life.

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