Driveway Sealcoating: What Is It? What Are the Benefits?

Ramsey SealcoatingSealcoating is a protective treatment used on asphalt and concrete driveways. It is applied on top of the pavement and provides a barrier from weather elements and harmful chemicals. A sealcoating treatment is a protective measure and cannot be used to repair driveway cracks. If your driveway needs major crack or patch repairs, they should be performed before the sealant is applied.

Climate is a main factor in determining how often you should have your driveway sealed. Colder weather areas generally require more frequent treatments than milder climates. Most asphalt pavements will need to be resealed every three to five years. Driveway surfaces that look dry or lose their luster are usually an indication it’s time to reseal.

It’s also important not to have your driveway treated too often. This can result in a build-up of the sealant chemicals. When this occurs, your pavement can become extremely slippery during wet weather.

How Sealcoating Can Save You Money

Some homeowners may be reluctant to spend their funds on an asphalt sealcoating. This process can actually save you money in the long run by extending the life of your driveway. By scheduling a treatment as needed, you can help to reduce wear caused by weather, oxidation, and gas or oil spills. Simple routine maintenance is crucial to preventing more costly repairs.

Sealcoating helps to make your driveway water resistant. This is especially important since water penetration is a major contributor to cracks when your driveway freezes and thaws during cooler months.

Beautify Your Home

You can improve the outdoor appearance of your home by keeping the driveway properly maintained. A new asphalt sealcoating creates a shiny black pavement that complements the entire area around your property. Just like a fresh coat of paint, a sealant treatment can greatly improve your home’s appearance.

Reduce the Time and Hassle of Cleaning

Gasoline and oil spills are easier to clean on a seal-coated driveway. Most spills will not penetrate the surface and cause damage when treated in a reasonable amount of time.

Removing snow is less of a burden and precipitation will actually melt faster on a sealed pavement. Even if you use salt on your driveway, the sealant will provide protection from harmful chemicals.

The smooth surface of sealcoating permits rain to wash away dirt and other particles. This results in less time spent sweeping or air blowing debris from your driveway.

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