What are Some Common Paving Problems

Potholes are a Common Paving Problem

Our asphalt company notices similar paving problems at commercial and residential properties. When these problems are discovered on driveways, parking lots or streets, we recommend an appropriate repair. The most common paving problem is a pothole that occurs due to wear and tear.

Ramsey Driveway Damage RepairThe longer a pothole remains in pavement, the worse it gets as bits and pieces of the asphalt dislodge from the surface. No one likes driving their vehicle over potholes because it creates an uncomfortable jolt to passengers and also can damage tires and suspension systems.

As it rains and snows, a pothole fills, making it difficult to see while moisture continues to degrade the asphalt. We recommend having experts remove debris from a pothole before filling it with new asphalt.

There are Different Types of Crack Damage

Our asphalt specialists understand the numerous types of crack damage that occur to asphalt and can suggest an appropriate repair. While our customers may think that cracks in asphalt are the same, there are many varieties, including:

• Slippage – forming in a crescent shape

• Joint – developing in patterns

• Edge – located on the edges of pavement

• Linear – parallel lines

• Block – rectangular patterns

• Alligator – fine lines in a random pattern

Cracks in asphalt pavement occur for a variety of reasons such as poor materials, improper application or bad drainage. In addition, traumatic events such as earthquakes and floods can change underlying structures, leading to asphalt damage. One of our asphalt technicians can analyze the crack damage in asphalt to determine the correct type of repair required that might include an application of surface material or a complete removal of the pavement to replace it.

How We Repair Raveling Asphalt

Another pavement problem that our asphalt company discovers is raveling of material on the surface of roads and driveways. This is a result of degradation of materials and leads to sharp bits of asphalt and aggregate material that dislodge from a paved surface. In many cases, this damage begins along the edges of pavement due to poor drainage or plant growth but also occurs on areas with high traffic.

This rough material is difficult to drive on in addition to causing the sharp pieces to fly into the air. As it rains and snows, the running water causes more erosion to the damaged material, and the only solution is removal of the pavement before replacing the asphalt.

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