Asphalt Milling: Why Is Asphalt Milling an Effective Pavement Repair Solution

The use of asphalt, also called bitumen, goes back to ancient times when it was used for water proofing, an adhesive and for embalming mummies among other things. This product is found in its natural form in places such as the La Brea Tar Pits, the Dead Sea, Pitch Lake in Trinidad and other locations throughout the world. Currently approximately 85% of asphalt use in the United States is for road surfaces and pavement repair.

Ramsey Asphalt Milling Avoiding Surface Damage

When repairs are made to asphalt pavements, milling is done to remove the damaged surface prior to repair. Milling is a process of removing the damaged area often found on a bridge, road or parking lot surfaces. The milling process removes enough of the damaged material to allow for repair and sometimes requires full depth removal.

Milling machines come in various sizes, which makes it possible to handle small or large jobs. The three basic parts of the milling machine are the cutting drum, vacuum and conveyance system. The cutting drum has cutting heads, which rotate and chew up existing asphalt. he vacuum then sucks up the chewed up material depositing it on the conveyance belt that takes it to a truck. It is interesting that a milling machine has teeth that can grind up the damaged material at 75 feet per minute.

Repairing Cracks and Other Damage

This repair requires that the existing pavement must be level, clean and capable of bonding to the new material. The first step is to use an automatic screed control, which allows a paver to drive over rough spots and level the surface. Milling is then used to remove the top layer, following which the area is cleaned and a bonding material is applied. After this preparation, a structural overlay is placed on the existing pavement.

Milling is an important aspect in making repairs to an asphalt surface that has cracks or other damage. This is true not only for roadways but for parking areas, driveways and other areas that have this material. It is extremely important that any location that has public access maintain an area that is not accident prone.

Government bodies have found asphalt repair is not only cost effective but a method of maintaining safe and efficient roadways. Asphalt contractors are available to explain the process and make estimates for any repairs needed on private property.

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