Unique Asphalt Designs: What Could You do With Asphalt in Your Yard? (ex. parking lot, basketball court, outdoor patio)

Ramsey, NJ Asphalt Miling

One: Basketball Court

Our Ramsey customers who enjoy playing basketball can have their own court at home with a durable asphalt surface designed by a knowledgeable technician. If a customer has a huge yard, then a regulation size basketball court is possible, but we can also design miniature courts for smaller lawns. The basketball goals are simple to insert in the hot asphalt material, and we can add the appropriate markings to the surface to make the basketball games more enjoyable.

Two: Outdoor Patio

Homeowners who want an affordable outdoor patio on a lawn can opt to use economical asphalt materials that are installed by our professional technicians. With asphalt, just about any shape or size of patio is possible on a lawn located at the front, back or side of a home. It is possible to add other embellishments such as flowerpots, privacy walls or fire pits to create a customized patio for a home.

Three: Parking Lot

When our customers have numerous vehicles or require guest parking at their home, we suggest using economical asphalt to create a parking lot. Our team can determine the best place to install asphalt on a lawn to meet local codes to avoid covering sewer or utility lines. We can also create striping designs on the asphalt surface to make it easier for drivers to park their vehicles.

Four: Lawn and Garden Pathways

Asphalt is easy to use to create lawn and garden pathways to avoid having guests walk on dirt, grass or mud covered surfaces. We can create a design of beautiful pathways that leads from a driveway to a front or back door. If our customers have flower or vegetable gardens, then the installation of curving asphalt pathways can protect the plants from damage.

Five: Meditation Zones

For customers who want to have a meditation or spiritual zone on a lawn, asphalt is the perfect material to create labyrinths designed for prayer or contemplation. A labyrinth requires a painted design of curving lines in unique patterns that are similar to a maze’s design. Alternatively, our technicians can create a meditation zone with built-in benches, water fountains and garden gazing balls. We can add pedestals for sculptures, candles or flowerpots to create a one-of-a kind meditation zone. Contact our asphalt milling company today to learn about our great services.

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