Asphalt Overlay: Why Choose Asphalt Overlay Services for Your Driveway or Walkway?

The area may be overdue for a makeover, but the limited funds available make a complete paving job impossible at this time. Ramsey property owners are turning to overlays to restore the appearance of their driveway or parking lot. The overlay option may be a much more convenient and budget-friendly option for those who want to give their property a makeover for a fraction of the cost of a complete overlay.

Ramsey, NJ Asphalt PavingWhat is an asphalt overlay?

An asphalt overlay offers a way to resurface a paved area for less. The process basically provides a thin coat to the driveway or parking lot area, resulting in a new, freshly paved appearance. If there are few potholes and other structural issues with the surface area, thin asphalt overlays can be an option.

What are the advantages of using an overlay?

Speed. Those with little time may not want to risk having to wait or be out of business for a lengthy period of time while the more involved asphalt replacement, resurfacing job is performed. The overlay to the surface gives the area a quick makeover in a fraction of the time.

Life cycle.

Extending the life cycle of the existing area until budget permits a complete resurfacing project is a common reason for using the overlay option. This allows for people to derive all the benefits from a resurfacing project without the added costs of a full repaving project. Owners save money in not having to repave the area often. The overlay also reduces the stress put on the surface by fortifying weaker or aging areas in the pavement.

Costs. The entire project requires more labor.

The original asphalt has to be gutted before the new contents are added. The resurfacing overlay option is less expensive because fewer materials and less labor is required to refinish the area. Most people gravitate toward this option because it is less expensive.

Affordability, convenience and extended life cycle are all the most common reasons for completing a resurfacing project. Refinishing the surface with a simple overlay accomplishes these things. The same refreshed appearance can be achieved with an overlay for less time and money. Ramsey roperty owners see the asphalt overlay as a more convenient option.

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