Winter Preventative Maintenance for Asphalt

Ramsey asphalt should be maintained year-round, due to its reaction to seasonal changes. Homeowners should maintain their asphalt to prevent damage that can be costly and irritating. The winter especially brings many variables that may damage asphalt.

If asphalt is maintained during the entire year, expensive repairs may be avoided. The temperature fluctuations of winter cause stress on asphalt and concrete due to the material constantly expanding and contracting. The freeze/thaw cycle will wreak havoc on any asphalt.

This constant variation leads to potholes, deterioration, sink holes and collapses, and water infiltration. Because of this, homeowners must make sure that their asphalt remains in tact and safe for vehicles and pedestrians. Some simple steps will help ensure that asphalt lasts through the winter, regardless of the weather.

Ramsey, NJ Asphalt PavingRepair Cracks

Find cracks in the asphalt and seal them prior to them turning into potholes. Even small cracks can be a big factor for damage to asphalt, because water can get inside and cause increasing damage. During the winter months, any water that is trapped in asphalt will freeze and expand, causing the crack to grow.

Still water that is trapped under asphalt can damage what is underneath the surface. This material acts as a foundation, which then turns unstable. It is important to adhere these areas with a proper sealant in order to route out any asphalt that is damaged.

A water resistant sealant should be applied to asphalt to prevent moisture from seeping through cracks and pores. This will help to prevent structural damage.

Use the Correct De-Icing Agent

Some de-icing products are too rough for asphalt. Rock salt is often used as a de-icing agent, for example, but this product can damage asphalt because it is a porous material. Milder products will help maintain the integrity of asphalt. De-icing should be done as gently as possible, as to not damage asphalt or to not make existing damages worse.

Protect Asphalt from Snow Plows

Inexperienced or careless snow plow drivers can be very rough on asphalt and easily damage it. Snow plows that damage asphalt can result in the top surface becoming weak, and therefore being scraped off during the process of shoveling. Placing visible markers in a driveway or a sign of some proportion to keep any unwanted vehicles off of your Ramsey asphalt is a good way to keep it as new. Even using a shovel that is too sharp to remove snow can cause damage to asphalt that can start small and then turn big.

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