Why Parking Lot Maintenance is Essential

Ramsey Parking Lot MaintenanceIt is important that business owners properly maintain their parking lots. There are several benefits to establish a regular professional maintenance program.

Curb Appeal

The parking lot is the first opportunity that your business has to make a favorable impression on potential customers.

A poorly striped lot with potholes, ruts and other surface imperfections may turn away customers who fear damage to their vehicles. Customers also equate the exterior of a business with the goods and services sold inside.

A poor exterior may lead to the perception that your business is also of poor quality. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it shows that you take pride in your business. A well-maintained parking area enhances curb appeal that can turn potential customers into buyers.

Lower Costs

A regular maintenance program reduces overall costs. Cracks enable water to penetrate beneath the surface and weaken it, resulting in more cracks and potholes. In some cases, the water may destabilize the foundation and cause a more serious problem that requires costly repairs.

Sealants protect pavement from gasoline spills and other automotive chemicals such as transmission fluids and engine coolants that can accelerate deterioration and reduce the service life of the pavement. Regular power washing keeps the lot clean and removes spills that may damage the surface.

Safety and Compliance

Another benefit is safety. Freshly painted and well-marked driving lanes, parking spaces and fire lanes are quickly and easily identifiable, which helps to prevent customers from accidentally parking in areas that may block traffic or access.

In addition to being less susceptible to accidents, vehicles parked in an organized, orderly manner have a lower risk of being towed or ticketed for illegal parking.

Freshly painted stripes that clearly identify fire lanes and handicapped parking spaces will keep your business in compliance with local, state and federal guidelines, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act. This helps eliminate the costly fines and citations associated with not meeting these established regulatory guidelines.Ramsey Asphalt Services

As paint fades and wears over time, a regular maintenance program ensures that your parking lot markings are in the best condition possible, which makes the lot safer for vehicles and pedestrians.

Our parking lot maintenance program provides you with substantial benefits in the long run. The lot will be in compliance with current regulations, the pavement will last longer and may possibly increase business by making your property more inviting to potential customers.

Show pride for your Ramsey business with a well kept lot. Call McFarlane Asphalt at (201) 327-5258 today for maintenance services!